Art in Photography

Can photography be considered art? Or an art that one can perfect over time? This is a question I’ve pondered for a long time. We were taught that the concept of art includes paintings, drawings and sketches or any combination of the three in some way or another. Physically scribing on a surface with one’s own force, compared to capturing the moment via a flash and a click of a button. Maybe it comes down to personal opinion instead of a general consensus.

Anyway, a little while ago Don and I gathered in the kitchen to create art. Him, plating it and I, photographing it. There is something about photographing a chef’s creation fresh-out-of-the-pan compared to it being brought out and sat on the table, at least to me.

There was no game plan for this shoot, no plating order, no rules. Just watching a passionate soul work his magic in his happy place…. and it shows. As I was clicking away next to the miniature open flame inferno that was his stove, I hadn’t the slightest clue how the photos looked. I set my settings beforehand the best I could but when you’re in the zone and narrowly focused on the subject at hand, the last thing you worry about is what your ISO is because as the saying goes “blink and you’ll miss it” and never has a saying been so true when referring to photography. So that’s what I did and this is what I captured:



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