My Food is a Stroke of Genius.


“A stroke of genius” is a phrase commonly labeled across a revolutionary technological advancement or some other remarkable achievement that has been birthed into the world. It is usually not one however, that is adorned like a gold medal around the neck of a victorious Olympic athlete, that is, until you have listened to Don.

Many of you may not know that Donnie suffered a moderately severe stroke a short number of years ago due to a blood clot disorder. This disorder was identified as the root cause of the stroke but not until several months later.

This stroke did not stop Donnie in slightest, and alternatively nudged Donnie to rekindle his love for all things culinary and get back to doing what he was meant to do. Shortly after his stroke, Donnie enlisted the insight of his very close friend and mentor Tim Rutherford. When asked what he should do next, Tim responded:

“Cook food people will recognize and cook it properly. So many chefs I see are trying to go outside the box and be different but are steaming away from the common education of the first day of cooking class.” 

Donnie went on to do as Tim said to the letter and with the his guidance, has found himself as one of the most successful chefs in the country. Donnie is a man of pride and honor and wears it as such like a proud cub scout. Donnie’s “badge”is in the form of a tattoo of a red-colored band aid on the very spot of his head where his stroke occurred. The red band is recognized for representing stroke awareness and everything that it encompasses.

We are extremely fortunate to have Don with us and look forward to seeing all of his creations for the foreseeable future. I encourage everyone reading this to go to Zada’s and meet and hear this story from him. You won’t regret it.

Much love to all our readers,


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