Heart & Soul


This phrase is a common one in movies, television shows and thrown around on more inspirational Facebook photos than I care to count, but what does it mean? To you?

For Don, it is his very mentality when he cooks and takes on his life. Every idea, ingredient and dish leaves the kitchen with a piece of his soul. You can see it, hear it, smell it and of course taste it. A lot of professional chefs can prepare and plate food perfectly as if it were computer generated to then be printed and mounted to a wall but did their food hit you? Was your expression after finishing it the same if it was prepared like a home-cooked meal? Did you leave the table completely and 150% satisfied? That’s the difference. You can’t mimic heart and soul. You can recreate the dish to the tenth-degree of perfection and serve it to the masses but did it have the same connection?

You can see and feel Donnie’s heart and soul in every single plate he sends out of the swinging double doors of Zada Jane’s. The guy has one of the biggest hearts there is in the industry and the biggest I personally know. I sincerely encourage you to stop in to Zada’s and see for yourself and he could very well accompany you at your table if you’re lucky.


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